Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small Town Medicine Is Alive & Well!

If you don’t remember the days, then perhaps you’ve seen them in a movie. A true “small town doctor,” who had an office just around the back of the house, who knew each patient and their history without having to constantly look in the chart. Or simply, the times where you actually were able to see and receive care from your doctor at every visit, rather than receiving care from who was on-call or available that day. The black doctor’s bag. The personalized, family approach. And yes, even the house calls. This has always been my dream. You see, this throwback of a bygone era, although simple, made sense. There was a relationship between patients and a physician. There was a level of trust. And most of all, there was better care because it was never “one size fits all.”

Well, guess what? It’s back. Maybe not exactly an office around back of my home, and maybe more sophisticated than the days of black and white television, but low and behold, small town medicine has arrived right here in Boca Raton!

At BocaVIPediatrics, we pride ourselves on providing old-fashioned service with modern medicine. Providing 24/7 access to your child’s pediatrician and incorporating new technologies, such as virtual visits to complement our completely electronic medical record so that it is available on the doctor’s iPhone and iPad for complete care.

I often hear the question, does this approach provide better care for children?

The answer is unequivocally, yes! First, our approach to pediatrics starts with having every child and parent greeted by name when they walk in the door. Don’t worry, your family’s privacy is always respected because we only schedule one family at a time and never have others in the waiting room when you walk in. No more worrying about your child picking up an illness because they were in a waiting room with other sick children during a routine well check-up. 

Additionally, providing detailed healthcare allows us to follow up on issues and actually prevent major problems before they occur. The small-town approach with concierge pediatrics incentivizes us to do things for your child, rather than to them. From talking about grades in school after each report card to determine if there are any learning issues that need to be addressed, to following up with nutrition talks and exercise regimens to help prevent obesity, type II diabetes, and adult heart disease, our level of care is unmatched.

Being greeted by name and with a beverage of their choice (we already know what our families like because we use personalized VIP preference sheets), to having the child’s favorite movie or TV show playing upon arrival, are just a sample of the small town service we provide. I provide all of the vaccinations in the office and utilize techniques that reduce pain and anxiety prior to giving any injections. So, it’s always the doctor spending the whole visit with your children…every single time. 

Children who require breathing treatments while in the office can practice their driving skills on our iPad simulator which allows them to move the iPad like a car steering wheel. We have found that this not only reduces anxiety and improves compliance while receiving the breathing treatment, but may actually cause a child to take deeper breaths and improve the flow of medication to their lungs, making them better, faster.

Even house calls are back with Boca VIPediatrics. Certain evaluations and examinations can be done in the comfort of a child’s own home which not only puts them at ease, but also eases the stress on a parent who already dealing with a child who doesn’t feel well.

Similar to how a family would only use their car insurance to fix major problems with the engine or in a heaven forbid circumstance such as a car accident, we believe health insurance should be used similarly. Providing care without charging a patient’s insurance for primary care visits allows us to provide the best possible care for our VIPs (very important patients). Unlimited visits and 24/7 access affords the other VIPs in the practice (very important parents) the assurance that should they need to speak with or see their child’s doctor, I am available to them 24/7. 

We believe that everyone should feel as though they have a pediatrician in the family who is always available to them.

Small town medicine is alive and well at Boca VIPediatrics!

Find out how your family can join us here.

About Boca VIPediatrics
At Boca VIPediatrics, we believe that all kids and families should be treated like V.I.P.s (Very Important Patients & Very Important Parents)! We take an individualized approach to your child's care, tailoring each visit and treatment plan that best benefits our patients, thus avoiding the all too familiar "assembly line" approach in many pediatric practices. With a much smaller patient base, you'll have 24/7 access to Dr. Rudnick for maximum peace-of-mind.
Using our highly personalized membership plan, parents will have red carpet, front-of-the-line access to discuss their child's health at any time. This often leads to earlier diagnosis and interventions, putting your concerns at ease and getting your child better, faster.
At Boca VIPediatrics, it's all about our V.I.P.s. We schedule fewer patients per day, with no long wait times, and highly personalized care. Each appointment lasts as long as necessary. We believe that time with your family should never be spent in a waiting room, preventing unnecessary exposure to other germs.
The dynamics of Boca VIPediatrics enables us to focus more on wellness and prevention than most pediatric practices.

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