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Mommy Recommended, Pediatrician Approved: Baby on-the-go

 “Mommy Recommended; Pediatrician Approved”
Our Favorite Things

by Ashley Rudnick & Chad Rudnick, MD, FAAP

“Baby On The Go” Edition

Featuring a mommy’s ‘favorite things’ for survival and a Boca Raton pediatrician’s commentary

Holiday season is here, and definitely a busy time for parents AND baby alike. I always feel as though I never have enough items in my diaper bag for any outing, and when we travel, I practically need my own u-haul just for all the baby equipment. Whether you’re planning a day trip or out of town outing for the holidays, read on to find out our “must-haves” for babies on the go! 

1. The Travel Highchair

Mommy’s Comments:
This is another one of those “registry lifesavers.” It’s portable, lightweight, and you can clip it on to just about any table. It differs from just a high chair cover because it actually allows baby to be closer to the table, making feeding much more convenient. I love bringing it to restaurants and knowing there are no other germs or unknown yucky stickiness on it. It also works great to bring to hotel rooms, or even to grandma’s house for a holiday meal!

Dr. Rudnick’s Comments: 
The most important thing to remember with any portable high chair is safety. It cannot be stressed enough to check the attachment to the table prior to putting your baby in and also remembering to always properly strap your baby in.

2. A Packing List 

Mommy’s Comments: 
Without a list, I know I will forget something. I found this handy one at, and of course, I added a few of my own categories. It’s always easier and less stressful to go anywhere when you know you’re prepared (and over prepared!) with everything baby might need.

Dr. Rudnick’s Comments: 
Making a list and checking it twice (see what I did there?) is a great way to reduce stress when traveling. Having less stress leads to more focused parenting, and happier, healthier children.

3. First Aid Kit

Mommy’s comments: 
And speaking of being prepared, it always makes me feel better to travel with a first aid kit. You’ll want to be sure that “just in case,” you’re prepared with all the tools you need. Whether you’re traveling, or just on the go, a mini first aid kit is a great diaper bag item to have with you at all times in case of little boo-boos.

Dr. Rudnick’s comments: 
A standard first-aid kit is a great start for your travels. Remember to have at least 1 kit per person that you will be traveling with (or a multi-person kit, assuming enough materials for your party). Make sure to have a several week supply of any medications that your child(ren) may be taking. In the event of a weather delay or other occurrence which prolongs your trip, you don’t want to worry about finding or obtaining refills for medications. Additionally, always keep bottled water in your car or purchase after going through security at an airport. Don’t forget to pack extra formula and snacks!
Read Don’t Forget The Meds from all things pediatric for tips on keeping medication names and dosages handy.

4. Hand Sanitizer for Grown-Ups

Mommy’s Comments: 
Wipes are an obvious choice for on-the-go. Everything from sticky hands, to spills, to diaper changes…they are the ultimate diaper bag necessity. One thing I always like to remember is to make sure MY hands are just as clean as baby’s. Everything that I give to her is being touched first by me, so I always keep my trusty hand sanitizer with me. The handy-dandy clip-on sanitizer is clipped right to my diaper bag, so I never have to dig around for it.

Dr. Rudnick’s comments:
One of the most common methods of spreading common colds and other viruses is through contact with people or surfaces that a sick person has recently touched. People will often touch their face (mostly unknowingly) several hundred times per day! This can introduce viruses and other germs directly into your eyes, nose, or mouth, and make you susceptible to getting sick. While washing your (or your child’s) hands with soap and water is preferred, hand sanitizer can be used when soap and water are unavailable.

5. Sunscreen

Mommy’s comments:  
Down in South Florida, we are blessed (sometimes cursed) with hot sunny days most of the year. But whether you’re traveling to a beach vacation or hitting the ski slopes, it’s always a good idea to pack of these in the diaper bag to make sure your little one is protected from the sun. This particular brand is developed by two mommy MDs, and is an ideal travel-sized stowaway item to quickly apply sunscreen while on the move.

Dr. Rudnick’s Comments: 
Sunscreen is a vital travel addition. It is recommended to use SPF 30 or higher any time you or your child are going to be outdoors. Use sunscreen on all sun exposed areas and remember to re-apply after swimming, bathing, or towel drying after sweating.
Read more about sunscreen use in children from all things pediatric.
*Note: it is recommended to avoid sun exposure in babies under 6 months old. If sun exposure is unavoidable, a small amount of sunscreen can be applied to exposed areas on a baby. Read about sun exposure in babies from all things pediatric.
Not all sunscreens are created equal, especially for young children, discuss with your pediatrician for recommended brands and what ingredients to look for to assure proper protection.

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  1. This reminds me a lot of what I carry around for my kids when we travel. Hand sanitizer is a must. My family and I recently moved to a new city and I'm looking around for pediatric clinics in the area. Maybe one of my new neighbors can recommend one to me?

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