Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2Min Tuesday: Study Tips!

Welcome to the all new Two minute Tuesday, brought to you by Chad Rudnick, M.D. and Boca VIPediatrics!  Join us for two minutes as we interview some of the top experts in pediatrics & parenting.

In today’s installment of Two Minute Tuesday, we are fortunate to have educator Erica Cender, president of Cender Scholars, an all-encompassing tutoring service for all grades and levels right here in South Florida!

We chatted with Erica to discuss some frequently asked questions she gets from parents on common studying or homework issues. In today’s Two Minute Tuesday, let’s hear some “gotta ask” questions and answers about study habits, troubleshooting, and time management from Erica.

  What are some of the most common studying mistakes you see made by elementary, middle, and high school students?

The most common mistake that is made by students across all grade levels is striving for memorization rather than studying for understanding.  There are surely certain topics, especially in math, which can benefit from rote memorization skills; however, the truth of the matter is that students succeed when they work towards understanding a certain learning goal. Students will drill to memorize for a test and as soon as that assessment is through, the material is gone from their memory.  Later on, when students need to revisit certain material, they have forgotten what they memorized and did not retain valuable knowledge. 

  How should students balance studying for several classes all in the same day?

The best way for a student to balance studying for several classes all in the same day would be to keep up with the material, daily. Students tend to wait until they last minute to start preparing and studying for a subject only after a teacher will assign upcoming assessments.  When students learn studying skills early on, instead of getting into the habit of procrastination, they are able to balance their subjects conformably without feeling the need to cram.  Studying new material daily is the key to success! 


What are some great study habits to start to develop when children are in elementary school?

Students will benefit greatly from learning organizational skills early on in their elementary school years.  Students that are organized feel more confident and schoolwork and home learning is less chaotic for them.  Elementary school years are meant to prepare students for middle and high school where the majority of teachers do not tolerate excuses like, “I don’t know where I put my homework”. Additionally, as I previously stated, studying a little bit every night is an excellent study habit because learning happens at home, too.  It is so important to review the material you learned in school that day.

How long is “too long” to spend on homework? Is this a sign that a tutor is needed?

Homework is meant to reinforce skills that are being taught in school.  Homework should not take all night to complete and students should not lose sleep over homework.  In addition, homework is not meant for mothers and fathers to stress about all night with their children. It can also be a daunting and tedious task for a parent to sit and do homework with their children and it usually ends in a fight.  If you are experience a nightly struggle with homework, it is a sure sign that you may need a tutor for your child.  Having a tutor is not a negative thing or a sign that your child is unsuccessful in school.  Having that individualized attention in a one-on-one setting can do wonders for any child, including boosting their confidence and avoiding the chances of your child slipping through the cracks of a classroom setting. 

Meet Erica:
My name is Erica Sobel Cender and I am currently a 5th grade teacher at a charter school in Boynton Beach Florida.  This past summer, I followed a dream of mine to create a tutoring company. The last school year I was tutoring over 6 hours a week and I have seen the value of tutoring students throughout my professional career.  I wanted to create my own company which follows my own teaching philosophy.  My goal as an educator is to bridge the gap for students who need a little extra attention and who, without tutoring services, may fall between the cracks of their classroom learning.  Each child learns differently and at a different pace, which makes it my goal to find the best learning environment for my students.   My primary goal is to help my students increase their academic achievement. Above all, I want to build confidence in my students as I teach them with a personalized individual education plan.  My vision for Cender Scholars is to have tutors who will guide students to help develop organizational and study skills, while helping them cultivate self‐ discipline and self‐confidence about their academic abilities.

I believe the unique quality about the tutoring service that we offer is the personalized touch that we guarantee for all of our students.  As a classroom teacher, I am constantly in communication with parents and fellow teachers.  I recognize the importance of keeping an open line of communication with teachers and parents. Communication with students’ teachers and parents will ultimately help a child succeed.  Some parents may be led to a big tutoring company that guarantees a success rate for the children but I feel that a successful match for a child is based around an individualized, personalized educational plan.   I encourage my tutors to develop a good rapport and working relationship with their students. I value educators who will make a connection with the students that they work with.

I would be happy to personally guide a parent as they look to find a perfect match for their child.  Our teaching philosophy centers on the basic principles of building connections and confidence with the students and to teach with passion. 

Cender Scholars currently offers the following tutoring services:

·         All levels K-12

·         Special Needs Services

·         Speech & Language Services

·         Spanish Tutoring

·         Hebrew tutoring

·         Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons

·         Piano lessons

·         Voice Lessons

·         Mental Health & Counseling Services

·         SAT/ACT preparations

·         Standardized test preparations

·         College Essay Writing


“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”- B.B. King

Teach with passion & your whole heart!!

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