Friday, November 21, 2014

Mommy Recommended; Pediatrician Approved!

A joint blog by Ashley Rudnick & Chad Rudnick, M.D.

Featuring a mommy’s ‘favorite things’ for survival – and a pediatrician’s commentary.

As mommy to a very on-the-go one year old, I have had a whirlwind year of products, diapers, breastfeeding, and new experiences in my journey as a new mom. It started with my baby registry and first learning just how many baby products are out there. How do they work? How do I know when to use them? How do I know if the baby will like them?

That’s when being married to a pediatrician truly came in handy!

He may have no idea how to pick out an outfit for our daughter, Aria, but he is a wealth of knowledge not just on what babies or new parents think they want, but what they need and what is truly best for their development.

Alas, we introduce 5 of our
“Mommy Recommended; Pediatrician Approved” Favorite Things:

1. Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
Mommy’s Comments: This is it. The miracle all-in-one sleeper, chiller-outer, and “let mommy put you down for 5 minutes so I can shower” lounger. It’s lightweight, super portable (so we can pack it up and take it to grandma’s house), and my 13 month old STILL fits in it! For the first few weeks of life, before the big crib transition, this was ALL she wanted to sleep in. Two mommy thumbs up!

Dr. Rudnick’s Comments:
This product, and those similar, are excellent ways to put a baby (or older child who still fits securely) down to relax or nap. For some infants with reflux, remaining upright for 30 minutes after feeds can help reduce spit-ups and other symptoms of reflux. If you use the product above or anything similar, always use the safety straps to keep your child secure and prevent possible falls or other accidents.

2. Hidden Veggie Toddler Muffins

Mommy’s Comments: Getting my daughter to eat these days is definitely a challenge. We started making these “hidden veggie muffins” and they are awesome! There are lots of recipes online, but Aria likes the banana-based muffins the best. We dice up some carrots and zucchini, and substitute apple sauce for oil. Voila! A fun addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Dr. Rudnick’s comments:
Getting toddlers to eat their fruits and veggies can be a daunting task. While they should be offered in some form with every meal, using them as mix-in ingredients can help provide recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. More information on healthy eating habits can be found through

3. Amazon Prime
Mommy’s comments: I don’t know what I ever did before Amazon prime, but I do know one thing, I sure can’t live without it! Aside from having our baby registry here, the free 2-day shipping pretty much saved my life. The last thing we wanted to do on 3-4 hours of sleep was to actually go to the store! So, things like bottles, wipes, burp clothes, and other baby necessities were delivered to the doorstep in the months following Aria’s arrival…we even use the subscribe & save option for the products we run through quicker!

Dr. Rudnick’s comments:
Not much medically related information here, but I have to agree, Amazon prime is great for new parents!

4. On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

Mommy’s Comments: Every night at bedtime since being home from the hospital, we have a bedtime routine that includes story time. This book is our absolute favorite! I remember the first time I read it aloud and thinking how it had an actual message instead of just some colorful pictures and rhyming words. I love that it teaches the moral of individuality. The illustrations are so pretty, and Aria actually points to this book every time I ask her which book she wants to read…but we never get sick of it!

Dr. Rudnick’s Comments:
Reading to your child every night is a great way to bond with them and can be done by either parent, grandparent, friend, etc.  Also, studies have shown that reading early and often to children may help increase their reading and verbal comprehension as they matriculate into elementary school.

5. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Mommy’s Comments: I am convinced this is some sort of miracle potion. We purchased it based on my husband’s recommendation, and we use it nightly after Aria’s bath. It leaves her skin “baby soft,” and anytime we put a dab on a scratch or boo-boo at night, by morning it’s magically healed…the best!

Dr. Rudnick’s comments:
This product and similar moisturizers (also referred to as topical emollients) are great ways to help keep an infant’s or toddler’s skin moist after a bath. They are the mainstay of a proper eczema skin-care regimen. More information on eczema from All Things Pediatric.

Have a suggestion on one of YOUR favorite things? Comment below and we may use it in our next blog! Stay tuned for the next edition of "Mommy Recommended; Pediatrician Approved!" coming soon! 

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